Dossier/Survey - Survey: How data collection has turned video game development upside down

Now that we've given you an inventory of the different ways the mobile video game industry is using its users' data and the extent to which this has become structuring for the industry, it's time to focus on the disruption this model has taken over the Console and PC gaming market. As Thibaut pointed out to us in the first part of our survey, free-to-play has “revolutionized a number of design practices” based on the use of data. Transformations that surprised the big AAA players, who then tried to jump on the bandwagon and introduce a data culture into their production methods as well as into their decision-making strategies. However, as we'll see, the console and PC markets haven't fully shifted toward a data-driven model like mobile video games have. And this is due both to the still overwhelming dominance of the payment model and to production and decision-making processes that are so entrenched that they are still often reluctant to give in to the influence of data."