Golden Globe Awards in question due to ongoing controversy

The Golden Globe Awards of this year are scheduled to occur today January 10, many are wondering how many nominees will attend the ceremony. This is mainly because the Golden Globe Awards were surrounded by some serious controversy which has significantly damaged the value of the Golden Globes. During the previous two years, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that managed the Golden Globes, has been facing racist allegations because of not having a single black member. An expose operation by the Los Angeles Times exposed this structure of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, since then the agency has been receiving hate over the internet for lacking diversity and ethical practices. Because of this controversy, many celebrities have even deserted these awards in these two years to distance themselves from such practices. This is the reason that many fans are wondering about the fate of the Golden Globes this year. 

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony is one of the most significant awards in the Hollywood world, which can make the careers of people who want to do something big in the industry. There are many examples where the Golden Globe Award has increased the value of any actor/actress’s resume. Because of this, many fans, from across the world, tune in to watch their favorite movie stars and pop culture stars appear on the stage of the Golden Globe Awards. But on the other hand, the award ceremony has also managed to garner the attention of the community for wrong reasons such as racism and questionable ethics. The Los Angeles Times exposed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in February of 2021, which started the hatred towards the Golden Globes as many leading names in the industry distanced themselves from the awards. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which included 87 members, had no zero African-American journalists. Los Angeles Times also revealed that there were very few members in the association who were solely working on voting for foreign entities. There was also a mention of voting parties receiving bribes in the form of “freebies” from the Hollywood studios and PR agencies to change their votes to favor a certain party. This exposes added fuel to the already sparking anger in the industry towards entertainment award organizations which often have been criticized for not favoring black actors and actresses. NBC, the broadcasting partner of the Golden Globes, declined to cover the ceremony in 2022 because of these allegations. 

Along with distancing themselves from the Golden Globes, Hollywood celebrities heavily retaliated against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Many names have made it clear that they will be attending the award ceremony this year. These names include Tarantino and actors Billy Porter, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ana de Armas. Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas are two nominees at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Many have been saying that by doing so, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is trying to capitalize on the popularity of these nominees to gather viewership.