Google employees testing potential ChatGPT competitors

A new chatbot called ChatGPT is in the market. ChatGPT is being tested by Google as it is likely to influence a public product launch. ChatGPT is built in a dialogue format that makes it possible for the AI to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes and challenge incorrect premises. It also rejects inappropriate requests.  ChatGPT, which is a large-language chatbot, became famous for its technology and took the public by storm when it was introduced late last year. A “code-red” effort to respond to chatGPT called “Atlas” is being worked on. It is a project by the company Alphabet.  

“Apprentice Bard” is another chatbot being tested by Google. Here is where employees can ask questions and receive answers in detail. It is similar to ChatGPT. Google has assigned a product unit to test a new search desktop design. This could be used in a question-and-answer form. Employees are being asked for feedback by their leaders on their efforts in recent weeks. Internal documents have been viewed by a source and conversations with other sources have currently been underway.

During an all-hands meeting, employees raised concerns about the company’s competitive edge in AI. This was due to the sudden rise in popularity of ChatGPT, it was launched by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based startup that's backed by Microsoft.

Google’s AI chief Jeff Dean mentioned to its employees how the company has a high reputational risk. It provides incorrect information and hence is moving more conservatively than a small startup. This was mentioned to the employees. However, CEO Sundar Pichai and chief Jeff Dean teased at the time that Google may also launch products similar to ChatGPT sometime this year. Google has established itself as a pioneer in AI as its prime business is web search. 

Apprentice Bard is one of the test products that use Google’s conversation technology LaMDA also known as Language Model for Dialogue Application. A response given by ChatGPT will be worked on by the LaMDA team. It comes before other projects. In Apprentice Bard the employees can enter a query in a dialog box and get a text answer, they then give feedback based on the response. 

The answers can include the latest events. Although It is a similar-looking product to ChatGPT, this particular feature is not included in ChatGPT yet. A previous version of a smart chatbot was “Meena”. This was replaced by Apprentice Bard. the responses by Apprentice Bard have been seen becoming more advanced recently. According to a source, Google is also testing an alternate search page that could use a question-and-answer format. However, it remains unclear which experiments Google plans to incorporate in future product launches. According to a Google spokesperson, Google has been focusing on not just developing AI but also deploying it to improve people’s lives.  ChatGPT would be hired by Google as a level 3 engineer. Testing a beta LaMDA chat against chatGPT has begun by Google’s team.