Google Maps 3D Immersive View is now available

Google has enabled Immersive View in its Maps apps. This allows you to view landmarks generated from thousands of photos. Google Maps fly-by images are here: With the Immersive View feature, Google Maps mobile app users can see famous landmarks and monuments in a 3D rendered view. These are not models generated by a 3D program, but image collages that were created from thousands of images from Google Street View and aircraft images with the help of artificial intelligence. According to Google , there are currently around 100 immersive views in 3D from all over the world. The Tower of London and Big Ben were given as examples. There should also be such recordings for New York City, Barcelona, San Francisco and Tokyo. Users can click a thumbnail in the apps after searching and watch the 3D flyby. There is no way to change your perspective yourself. In addition, the videos cannot be zoomed. Hardly any details can be made out on the small screens of smartphones. On larger tablets, it becomes clear that the videos are not particularly high-resolution either. However, they give a very good impression of what buildings really look like. Google announced the 3D Immersive View feature at its Google I/O in-house show in May 2022 and plans to expand it to other landmarks in the future. The next steps are also already known: Generated views of restaurants and other popular places are to be created so that users can get an idea of them in advance. The current version of the app under iOS, iPadOS or Android is required to use Google Maps 3D Immersive View. The function is not yet available in the web version.