More problems for Apple as after EU, India mandates use of Type-C port in all smart devices

Following the European Union, now India will be mandating smart device manufacturers to use Type-C ports in all of their smart devices. According to the Consumer Affairs Secretary, Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh that in an attempt to standardize the charging ports, India will be adopting the widely used Type-C port for all the smart devices sold in the country. He also hinted that the country is thinking of mandating the chargers to be supplied in a box for low-cost feature phones. The European Union was the first body to mandate the use of Type-C ports, especially for the iPhone which comes with a lightning port, to which Apple has agreed to sell iPhones with Type-C charging ports in the future. Now it looks like Apple will have to do the same for India, which is the second-largest smartphone market in the world. 

Recently the European Union adopted legislation that will force smartphone and other smart device makers to ship their devices with Type-C port which is widely used across the region and in the world. This was not a problem for Android manufacturers in any way as most of them have adopted the Type-C port in all of their devices. But Apple, out of all the tech giants, is still using lightning ports in iPhones. In the past, Apple has stated that the reason it is not using the Type-C port is that it is too late to do it now. iPhone users have been using the lightning port for a long time, and because of this, it is much harder for them to adapt to the new Type-C port. Funnily enough, only the iPhones are being shipped with lightning ports, while other Apple products such as their laptops and tablets come with the Type-C port. On the other hand, iPhone users have been complaining about the hassle to carry two separate cables and accessories while being a part of the Apple Ecosystem, which is completely contrary to Apple’s statement that it is too late to adapt Type-C port. Hence, the EU has now forced every smart device manufacturer to adopt Type-C ports and to favor the customers.

Due to the announcement of the European Union to have one charging port for all smart devices, Apple’s Marketing Chief, Greg Joswiak said that Apple will comply with the legislation passed in the US which gave people the hope of getting iPhones with Type-C ports. But seeing how Apple has acted in the past, it does not seem so easy that Apple will give an iPhone with Type-C ports so easily. Apple has already incorporated wireless charging and related accessories into the iPhone, which it calls the MagSafe. And the legislation passed in the EU mandates companies to use the Type-C port only if the device does not have wireless charging capability. Hence, many tech experts have said that, instead of getting a Type-C iPhone, we might be getting a port less iPhone that will completely use wireless charging. If similar legislation is passed in India, the Indian smartphone market could also get the port less iPhone instead of the Type-C iPhone.