Northern China reports lowest temperatures

Northern parts of China reported the lowest temperatures in history as a result of some of the harshest winters the country has experienced. Mohe, the northernmost city of China, reported the lowest temperature on Sunday, which broke all the previous set records. The local weather station in Mohe reported that on Sunday, the temperature in the town fell as low as -53°C or -63°F. The weather station said that the temperature was recorded at 7 am. The previously recorded lowest temperature in the region was -52.3°C, which was recorded in 1969. Because of such lower temperatures in the region, it is also known as the north pole of China. However, this still does not beat the lowest temperature that was recorded in the country. Back in December 2009, Genhe reported a temperature of -58°C. But the city of Mohe is a special one when it comes to low temperatures. 

Mohe’s title of North Pole of China is not only given to it because of low temperatures but also because of its long-lasting winters. The winter season in Mohe lasts for over eight months. Which is similar to that of regions closer to the North pole. Because of such a unique identity, the region largely attracts national and international tourists. Tourists enjoy various winter-themed recreational activities such as skiing, snow parks, marathons, etc. But during the tourist season, the region always reported an average temperature of -15°C. Hence, such low temperature has sparked some sense of concern among locals of Mohe and tourists. The weather agency in China had issued an alert about the possibility of harsh winter and low temperatures in the region. The weather agency has also postulated a possibility of strong wind currents which are estimated to increase the severity of the situation as strong winds often lead to frostbites. Following this weather forecast, in many regions near Mongolia, especially near its mountain range, low temperatures were recorded. In the Mohe region, the temperature remained below -50°C throughout the weekend. 

Mohe’s geographical location plays a significant role in its low temperatures and lengthy winters. Mohe is the farthest town in the country from the equator, which puts it significantly closer to the actual Northern pole. Mohe is also located close to the Russia-China border and is surrounded by mountains and waters, which contribute to its lower temperatures. But because of temperatures below -50°C, coal consumption increased in the Mohe region, as reported by the local media. Coal and electricity are some of the important resources during winter for maintaining warm temperatures in homes. Tourism has been completely halted in the region as harsh temperatures have made it impossible for even the locals to step out of their homes. Many locals reported that their limbs get numb just after seconds of stepping out of their homes. Extremely dense fog and thick layers of snow have also made it harder for vehicles to traverse through, thus disrupting supply chains in the region. Many have blamed climate change and changes in weather patterns for such harsh winters. Similar was seen in other countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, and many others.