Nurse in Redditch lied about having a baby during lockdown

The suspended prison sentence of a children's cancer nurse who pretended to be pregnant with her ex-partner's child while the facility was under quarantine has been determined.

Redditch resident Alexandra Gregory, age 25, forwarded fabricated pregnancy scans and photographs of an infant in intensive care to Daniel Smith.

She entered a guilty plea for transmitting malevolent communications from August 2020 to February 2021.

Gregory, according to Judge Kevin Lloyd Wright, waged "an extended campaign against Mr. Smith."

The court heard that the couple had an amicable-ending brief relationship from February to July 2020. However, Mr. Smith received a photograph of a positive pregnancy test followed by a photograph of her with a small bulge one month later.

They convened to deliberate on the circumstance and reached a mutual agreement that Gregory should undergo an abortion. However, she informed him via message in October that she had reconsidered her position.

Gregory then inundated Mr. Smith with communications, including photos of her in her nurse's uniform from Birmingham's Women's and Children's Hospital that appeared to show a pregnancy bump and fabricated baby scans.

She also submitted forms for child support and informed him that she had been experiencing heavy hemorrhaging.

According to the testimony presented in court, Mr. Smith had initially doubted the accuracy of the scans and desired a DNA test, but was too ashamed to confront her about it.

During that month, she informed Mr. Smith of the birth of her daughter Aria, but added that she was "born blue" and forwarded him photographs of a neonate in a hospital unit. She informed him that their daughter was in intensive care.

The court heard that one month later, Gregory's father informed the aunt of Mr. Smith that there was no infant, thus revealing the truth.

According to the West Mercia Police, Gregory subsequently had a child with a different partner and declined to respond to interview questions.

Mr. Smith, according to prosecution attorney Tom Wickstead, felt "like a phantom of himself" after enduring the ordeal. The judge, on the other hand, acknowledged that Smith had endured "continuous anxiety."

According to Gregory's defence team, she did become expectant; however, the court was informed that she had experienced a miscarriage prior to communicating with Mr. Smith in October.

Mr. Rickets, an attorney for the defence, stated that she had become distressed due to the circumstance and her duties as a paediatric nurse throughout the closure.

Furthermore, he stated that the defendant completely acknowledged that she had fabricated the pregnancy of Mr. Smith's child and that there was no logical justification for her actions.

Mr. Rickets told the court, "She has no idea why she did it," adding that she was absent from work in January 2021 on account of her mental health.

Gregory received a four-month prison term, with an additional 18 months of suspension, in addition to a 12-month mental health treatment regimen and 20 days of community service.

In addition to being ordered to pay Mr. Smith £500 in compensation, she was placed under a three-year restraining order against him and his mother.

Gregory was suspended pending the police investigation, according to a Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust spokesperson, who added that the organization would "conclude its own internal investigation" at this time.