Police investigated after teenager was sexually assaulted during a bungled sting operation

Two Taiwanese police officers are under investigation after a court convicted a man of sexually assaulting an adolescent girl they assisted in apprehending.

The 13-year-old reported the man she met on an app for attempting to coerce her into having sexual relations with him. Instead, the police sent her on a sting operation to capture the man who threatened to disclose her naked photos.

There are allegations of negligent conduct pending against the two cops who followed her. The police have expressed their regret for not being able to safeguard the girl.

In November of 2020, the undercover operation that went wrong took place in the city of Taoyuan, which is located in the north-western region of the country. This happened after the young woman went to the police and agreed to assist them in catching the man who had been threatening her.

However, the fact that she had been assaulted was only brought to light during the course of the trial, when she explained to the Taoyuan District Court the sexual harassment she faced, according to a police spokeswoman. The defendant, a guy with the last name Chang, was found guilty of sexual assault and received a sentence of eight years in prison for his crime.

According to reports in the local media, two cops from the Zhongli precinct are currently being probed for multiple violations, including neglecting their duties as public officials. According to Taoyuan-based attorney Fan Kang-hsiang, who spoke with sources, there is currently no law that governs whether or not the police can hire kids to go undercover during investigations. However, according to Taiwan's Civil Code, a person who intentionally or negligently infringes upon the rights of another person may be held liable for financial compensation in court.

Reports stated, who use court documents as their source, Chang allegedly gave the girl NT$5,000 (about $159 or £120) and threatened to release her naked images on the internet if she did not follow his instructions. 

After the woman went to the authorities in Taoyuan city to report the incident, the police recruited the girl to take part in a sting operation designed to catch Chang in the act. According to the sources, she consented after receiving reassurance that she would remain secure.

She then gave her consent to meet Chang in a McDonald's restaurant. She allegedly "suddenly" climbed into Chang's car in defiance of the officers' directions, according to the police. After driving her only 300 meters away, he made her engage in oral sex against her will. According to the reports, she complied out of fear.

A representative for the police department mentioned that the two officers who were on foot were unable to catch up with the suspect's vehicle. After Chang had driven back to the restaurant, he was taken into custody. During the time that the inquiry is being carried out, the two officers will be responsible for nothing except administrative police responsibilities.

Additionally, the then-chief of the precinct's police department and the then-chief of investigation have both been demoted as a result of the investigation and subsequent disciplinary action taken against them.