Roads are frozen on "ice rink Monday" in the north

A portion of the United Kingdom may experience "ice rink Monday" due to overnight snow refreeze, the RAC has warned. Yellow weather warnings for ice have been issued by the Met Office for a significant portion of northern England.

Snow and ice warnings are issued separately for eastern Scotland and the Peak District, in addition to higher elevations in Wales and the Peak District. It occurs after days of subzero temperatures and snow-induced disruptions.

On Monday, "treacherous ice conditions" were anticipated in the north, according to RAC breakdown spokesman Simon Williams, who advised motorists to exercise caution while travelling.

The Met Office stated that recent snowfall that thawed will result in wet roads and pavements, and that untreated surfaces will develop icy sections due to the thawed snow refreezing as temperatures drop overnight. Until noon, a warning for ice in the northern region of England remains in effect.

The Met Office's advisory for Wales and the Peak District indicated the possibility of 2–5 centimetres of snowfall "on certain roads situated at an elevation of approximately 150 metres, and potentially 10–15 centimetres on roads elevated at 350 metres."

Temperatures are anticipated to be milder in the south compared to the preceding days. A precipitation advisory is in effect for certain regions of southern and southwestern England.

Chief meteorologist at the Met Office, Jason Kelly, stated that the first Atlantic air mass in a while is beginning to move through the central and southern regions of the country, bringing warmer temperatures to many southern areas while the cold air mass maintains its grip in the north.

The location where these two air masses converge is the focal point of the ongoing ice threat. In certain regions of northeast Scotland, wintry showers are anticipated to result in overnight treacherous conditions and snow accumulation inland.

The weather service reported -12.5 degrees Celsius (9.5 degrees Fahrenheit) at Altnaharra in the Highland region of northern Scotland on Saturday night, the lowest level since the previous winter.

Saturday evening, police in Cumbria proclaimed a "major incident" due to the fact that snowfall rendered roads impassable and damaged the power to approximately 7,000 homes and businesses.

In order to find warm locations to spend the night, motorists were compelled to abandon their vehicles.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist, estimated that 20 to 30 centimetres of snow had fallen in southern Cumbria, but he cautioned that these were unofficial estimates.

Electrical power On Sunday evening, North West reported that 1,500 properties in Cumbria were still without power, with an additional 7,500 households now having power restored.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued an amber health alert for frigid weather in five central and northern regions of England until Tuesday.

The following warning was issued by the agency: For an extended period of time, the effects of the cold weather are likely to be felt throughout the entire health service, placing the entire population at risk.

Four additional regions have been issued a yellow warning, which includes London as well as southern and eastern England.

This weekend, Europe has also been experiencing disruptions due to heavy snowfall. Flight and train cancellations have affected the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.