Russian soldiers overpowering in Bakhmut

The Ukrainian soldiers are getting overwhelmed in Bakhmut city as the Russian army is attacking more fiercely. Bakhmut city was once famous for its sparkling wine. But now the city has undergone many major battle scars as the Ukrainians are still struggling to hold their control over the city. Seeing the importance of Bakhmut city for Ukraine, it was obvious that Russia will do everything in its power to get control over the city, and this is what the Ukrainian soldiers are experiencing. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the city of Bakhmut is Ukraine’s fortress, which the Russian forces are trying to capture for the past six months. But as Russia's invasion of Ukraine is about to reach the one-year mark, Russia has increased its efforts to capture Bakhmut. Zelensky said that Russia is trying to capture Bakhmut before the year's mark. 

The current situation in Bakhmut city is extremely serious, as Russians are hunting down every moving thing as a target. They are not filtering out civilians from the Ukrainian soldiers. Everyone in the city is at equal threat from the Russian air strikes. The Russian military is equipped with modern weapons with continuous artillery supply to carry out constant strikes on the Ukrainian soldiers. On the other hand, the Ukrainian soldiers are facing a lack of artillery support along with their decades-old heavy equipment. Amid all this, the Ukrainian forces are doing their best to fend off the Russian forces. Capt Mykhailo, one of the top Ukrainian military officials, said that the soldiers are facing a shortage of ammunition of all sorts. This especially includes the heavy artillery rounds. He also said that the Ukrainian military is in dire need of communication solutions that can send encrypted messages. The country has requested such technology from its allied countries such as the US, the UK, and other western countries. But despite the lack of such technologies and advanced military supply, Capt Mykhailo said that the Ukrainian soldiers can still hold their ground. He said that Ukraine’s efforts are teaching how to fight while having limited supplies. 

Although many countries have pledged to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia, very few have provided the required help. This has left a serious artillery problem in the Ukrainian camp as soldiers are forced to rely on old tech which often does not work as intended. The heavy artillery support from western allies is of an older generation, which often misfires. Amid such artillery shortage, the soldiers are also facing threats from mercenaries belonging to the Wagner group. The Wagner Group is a mercenary group from Russia which have shown a significant involvement in the war from the Russian side. With the help of these mercenaries and its advanced artillery, Russia has managed to capture the only two main roads to the city of Bakhmut, leaving Ukrainians with only one backup road for providing supplies to the Ukrainian forces deployed in the region. Ukrainian soldiers are fighting with everything they have, but the constant stress of airstrikes and Russian mercenaries, while facing the lack of artillery support has indeed cornered Ukraine.