Test: Hindsight is sullenly valuable and wanders into introspection

Given that a one-and-a-half-minute trailer is usually enough to reveal a game's main merits, Hindsight believes a 20-second teaser is perfectly adequate. Narrated in a female voice full of depressive and oh-so-affected vibes, the title's presentation video, a small cymbal designed for the player's wise solid colors and future tears, actually brought together all the obvious artifices of a certain kind of successful narrative adventure - Caricatures of navel-gazing indies with sickly gameplay adept at desolation from start to finish. However, Hindsight is not an enemy of luck like the others. Designed primarily by Joel McDonald, iOS author of the Prune meditative experience, TIME (no mercy on the Witcher) 2015 Game of the Year, this new addition to the Annapurna Interactive catalog deserves a closer look. At the risk of having our fears confirmed."