Health Canada recommends zero-alcohol approach to battle cancer

In a report funded by Health Canada, the Canadian government has stated that the zero-alcohol approach is the only risk-free approach to managing alcohol dependence. The report has also suggested that for people who love to drink, drinking less is the only way to keep their alcohol consumption to the lowest. This report from Health Canada has also guidelines for Canadians to restrict their drinks count to only two drinks per week. Back in 2011, a similar report was published which stated that the number of drinks per week should be kept below 10 drinks for women and 15 drinks for men. This report suggests that no alcohol is the best way of dealing with alcohol dependence. These guidelines have been suggested by researchers and scientists across Canada, who are part of the healthcare system of the country. 

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) is the organization responsible for conducting this study with collaboration and funding from Health Canada, the Canadian body which looks after national health and safety. The report is ninety pages and includes information and recommendations regarding public health and risks associated with the overconsumption of alcohol. This report suggests an alcohol consumption of only two drinks per week has become the highlight for the people of Canada as it means almost no alcohol. Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) has said that anything higher than two drinks per week of alcohol increases the risks for breast and colon cancer. According to CCSA, two drinks equals a 12-ounce serving of 5% alcohol beer or a five-ounce glass of 12% alcohol wine. Colon cancer and breast cancer are the two most common and lethal forms of cancer in men and women respectively, which kills thousands of people each year. Hence, a national body stating that consuming alcohol can significantly increase their risks, people are for sure expected to take this notice seriously. Because of this, many researchers are expecting a significant decrease in alcohol consumption in the country as a direct effect of this report. 

Canada has one of the highest percentages when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. Almost 80% of the Canadian population drinks some form of alcohol. According to the estimations by CCSA, Canada also has a higher prevalence of colon and breast cancer. Almost one in every eight women in Canada is bound to suffer from breast cancer. While one in every fourteen men in Canada is bound to develop colon cancer. These numbers are extremely alarming knowing that these are some of the most lethal forms of cancer across the globe. Because of this, many healthcare professionals have welcomed this report as lowered alcohol consumption is expected to significantly help with cancer management. However, having such a huge percentage of drinkers in the country means that the recommendation of lowering the consumption down to just two drinks and then to none will be extremely difficult to attain. Researchers have said that although this report has shifted the alcohol limit from two drinks per day to just two drinks per week, it is mainly because of better research and through analysis of available data.